Paul Esajian


5 Tips To Get More Bank Owned Listings Accepted

January 27, 2020

There is a huge difference between bank owned listings and those from a traditional seller. Even though the process is essentially the same, in many respects it is very different. With bank owned listings you may only get one chance to submit your offer. If the “I’s” aren’t dotted and the “T’s” aren’t crossed it […]


When To Consider Refinancing A Property

December 27, 2019

Every property in your real estate portfolio is different. Even if you have multiple rentals in the same market you need to look at them individually. No two properties will produce the same monthly cash flow, with the same expenses at the same repayment terms. It is a good exercise to evaluate your portfolio at […]


Avoid These Landlording Mistakes

November 29, 2019

Do you remember how you felt when you closed on your rental property? You had visions of collecting rent checks and building equity for years to come. You heard horror stories of evictions and rowdy tenants but swore that would never happen to you. Things were going smoothly with your rental and then out of […]


Signs That You Should Find A New Investing Market

October 25, 2019

Your primary investing market is one of the biggest influences on the success of your investment. You can have a great physical property with plenty of modern updates, but if the market is soft you won’t have the return you anticipate. On the flip side, if your market is strong demand will be high and […]


Do You Want Better Tenants? Work on Being a Better Landlord

September 27, 2019

Every landlord wants perfect tenants that pay on time, take care of the property and never make a ripple. Finding these is often much easier said than done. All it takes is one bad tenant to have a lasting impact on the property. In most cases the quality of the tenant is a direct reflection […]


Are You Ready To Make An Offer Today?

August 30, 2019

In the world of real estate investing it is essential to be ready when opportunity presents itself. In most cases, quality deals go to those investors who can act promptly in a moments notice. If you do not have all your financial ducks in a row you will miss out on prime opportunities. Even if […]


Generate Additional Real Estate Related Revenue Streams

August 23, 2019

In the world of real estate, it is always dangerous putting all your eggs in one basket. As great as things may currently be going, just one lost deal can change everything. It is not uncommon in real estate to have deals fall out at the 11th hour. A closing that you had circled on […]


Find Capital Within Your Existing Portfolio

August 16, 2019

The real estate investing business is widely unpredictable. You never know when opportunity will strike or when you will need a quick capital infusion. If you wait until you are desperate you will end up taking a high interest loan or another funding source you will quickly regret. You are better off finding outlets for […]


Turn Your Business Plan Into Reality

August 9, 2019

As Mike Tyson famously said, “everybody has a plan until they get punched in the mouth.”  This is certainly the case in the world of real estate investing. It is common to spend weeks, even months, plotting a course of how you want your business to go only to have it change on a dime. […]


What To Consider Before Diving Full-Time Into Real Estate

August 2, 2019

There is nothing wrong with investing in real estate on a part time basis. For many investors the goal is to get their portfolio so big, they can walk away from their current job. While this is certainly admirable, it isn’t always the best move to make. As much as you may want the freedom […]