July 2016

daily habit

4 Ways To Change Your Daily Habits And Improve Your Business

July 29, 2016

Our daily habits directly impact what we do every day. While this may work to derail you it can also galvanize you and push you to new heights.  Getting into a good routine is as much about creating good habits as anything else. Anyone that has ever tried a new diet or a new workout […]

investing in a new market

4 Tips For Getting Started In A New Market

July 22, 2016

There are many investors who have successfully planted their flag in their current market. However, with the popularity of real estate increasing every day they have found it more difficult to maintain their current level of success.  This has caused them to look for alternative areas to find new deals.  Regardless if the area is […]

the right team

Surround Yourself With The Right People

July 13, 2016

Whether you realize it or not you are a direct reflection of the people around you. Even if you heard this while you were growing up it still applies as an adult. Your business partner, real estate agent, contractor and attorney all influence how you think and sometimes act. The right team with the right […]

direct mail marketing

7 Tips To Improve Your Direct Mail Campaign

July 8, 2016

There is nothing that can give your real estate business is bigger jumpstart than a direct mail campaign. A well put together campaign can reach thousands of people and produce dozens of new leads in your pipeline.  Like any other type of marketing you need to be committed financially and even emotionally before you get […]

hire an assistant

Is it Time To Hire An Assistant?

July 1, 2016

Generally speaking, real estate investors are a stubborn bunch. Not only do they think they can do it all but try to tackle everything themselves.  What most investors fail to realize is that even if they accomplish their task there is a price to be paid.  The most important asset you have in life, and […]