October 2015

The Art Of Attracting Real Estate Referrals

October 30, 2015

Have you mastered the art of attracting real estate leads? Attracting referrals not only feels good, but is vital in the real estate industry. Today, the best and most profitable businesses out there can get 70% or more of their business from referrals. That provides a competitive advantage for any business. Incoming referrals mean better […]

How To Avoid Paralysis By Analysis

October 16, 2015

There is a fine line between confidently jumping into a deal and tiptoeing around it until you are certain it will be a success. As much as you may feel confident about a situation in real estate, there truly is no guarantee it will yield the results you expect. If you look at a property […]

Real estate investors writing on a board

What Are The Most Common Excuses For Not Seeking Help?

October 2, 2015

There is something to be said for taking one step back to take two steps forward. One of the reasons you may have gotten started in real estate was to free up more time. What typically ends up happening is that you try to be everything for everybody, and end up with nothing for yourself. […]