October 2017

real estate market

5 Tips To Help Evaluate Your Local Market

October 27, 2017

Real estate investing is market specific. Something going on across the country has little to no impact on your local area. In some cases, there can be a dramatic impact in price and demand even within the same zip code. Going just a few miles in either direction may completely change the makeup of the […]

5 Productive Habits To Implement In Between Deals

October 18, 2017

In a perfect world you would have a continuous flow of deals coming in just as your current ones are closing. Your business would be an efficient machine and you would never have any gaps between deals. As any experienced investor can tell you this is the exception rather than the rule. Even successful investors […]

5 Important Qualities Every Business Partner Should Have

October 9, 2017

The right partner can help grow your business like nothing else. They can provide financing, advice, marketing expertise and even mentorship. Instead of weighing every important decision on your own you will have someone around you to bounce ideas off. You will wake up every day renewed and energized knowing that you have someone else […]