January 2016

Real estate communication

Why Communication Is The Key To A Successful Investor

January 29, 2016

Your lead conversion rate is largely based on how well you communicate. You don’t need to be an expert public speaker to be an effective communicator. Some of the most successful people in real estate have a laid back personality. In fact, there are many people who are put off by the aggressive, abrasive type. […]

Entrepreneurs prefer living

Where Do The Most Successful Entrepreneurs Live?

January 22, 2016

Where you live may be a significant factor in how successful you are. So where do some of the world’s most successful entrepreneurs live? Birds of a Feather Flock Together The wealthy, successful, and entrepreneurial flock to together, and thrive. This is definitely true of hyper-wealthy families and the schools they send their kids too, […]

Real estate myths

Busting The Myths About Getting Started In Real Estate

January 15, 2016

There are several misconceptions about getting started in real estate. So what’s the real deal? Myths about real estate keep those that could add a lot of value to the industry out of the game. Worse, unsubstantiated myths could prevent people form making the money they deserve. Some believe it is a tough industry to […]

Find your next deal

Even The Simplest Tricks Can Help You Find Your Next Deal

January 8, 2016

As a real estate investor, you can have financing lined up and a strategy in place, but without deals you won’t get very far. Regardless of where you are in the business, you need different ways to get your phone to ring. One of the common misconceptions is that you need to spend money to […]

Money sign with numbers around it

Master Today’s Mortgage Underwriting Rules In No Time

January 6, 2016

How can real estate buyers master the mortgage underwriting process, and close faster? One of the toughest parts of buying and financing a property is making it through today’s mortgage underwriting conditions. Truth be told, mortgage pre-approval letters, loan quotes, and even commitment letters can mean little. Actually getting a loan funded and closed requires […]