September 2018

5 Places To Find Hard Money Lenders In Your Market

September 30, 2018

If you invest in real estate, or plan on investing in the near future, you need to find a reliable hard money lender. Regardless of the type of investing you are involved in a hard money lender should be a consideration. They may not be a perfect fit for every transaction, but you should always […]

5 Tips To Make Your Refinance A Successful One

September 17, 2018

If you are looking for capital, you might not need to look very far. All the money you need could sitting right inside your portfolio. It is no secret that in many markets’ property values have risen over the past few years. Depending on your equity position, credit score and debt to income you may […]

5 Popular Real Estate Investing Mistakes You Must Avoid

September 7, 2018

Every investor starts with high hopes and expectations of wild success. If you have closed a few deals early in your career these are only ramped up. The reality is that while there is no limit on your success, it is often much more difficult than anticipated. The business you may have seen from a […]