August 2016

work smarter

How To Keep Your Business Moving In The Right Direction

August 24, 2016

In business you are either improving or getting worse. Very rarely do you stay in the same place for any significant period of time. It may seem like you are stuck in the mud but all this means is that you need to move forward.  Fortunately you can dictate which way your business goes.  Most […]

home selling

4 Tips To Improve Your Home Selling Experience

August 22, 2016

Selling a home is a popular cause of stress in the real estate world. This is the case whether regardless of what type of property you are selling. With your primary residence you have to prepare your home for every showing.  With a rehab time is of the essence.  Under both scenarios you are at […]

business problems

5 Ways To Deal With Business Conflict

August 19, 2016

As a real estate investor you deal with dozens of people all the time. People like your real estate agent, contractor and attorney speak with you almost daily.  Other people such as buyers and sellers you talk to less frequently but the interaction is still meaningful.  All it takes is one person to have a […]

prevent potential problems

How To Spend Money On Prevention Rather Than Solutions

August 3, 2016

The real estate business is full of action. Most investors have mastered the art of handling five different tasks at once.  However there are times when a seemingly simple task will slip through the cracks.  It is these simple items that can end up being the most costly.  Regardless of what type of investor you […]