January 2014

Price Your Properties Aggressively

January 27, 2014

As an investor, you may think that the quality of your work and the changes you make to a property will impact how quickly it sells. Sure, quality and craftsmanship are important, but the most important feature about a house is the purchase price. You can have the nicest property in the best location, but […]

Never Evaluate An Investment Based Solely On Price

January 24, 2014

A good real estate investor can make the same percentage of return on a $50,000 property as they can on a $200,000 one. The returns may not be the same, but the percentage can be higher on the right property. There is a large segment of investors that will not go near inexpensive properties, fearing […]

Dealing With Incoming Phone Leads

January 22, 2014

Getting your phone to ring is one thing, but converting those calls into a deal is quite another. You can spend months coming up with a marketing plan, but unless you have a system in place for handling the volume of calls you receive, you will be disappointed with the results. Not only do you […]

Landlords: Creating The Best Rental Experience

January 20, 2014

For some, being a landlord is not all that it is cracked up to be.  The job requires a careful attention to detail and a willingness to put out constant fires.  At the end of the day, the cash flow must be worth the headaches.  However, many landlords are not aware that their tenants happiness […]

Vacation Rentals: A Good Deal May Come From Anywhere

January 17, 2014

In the real estate industry, two investors can have completely different opinions on the same topic and be right.  There is a large contingent of investors who will not go near any type of vacation area rental property. However, there are those who will focus exclusively on this particular niche.  While you should never throw […]

Seperating Business And Personal Expenses

January 15, 2014

There is much more to becoming a successful investor than finding the right property or knowing how to break down a deal. When you are in business for yourself, there is not enough emphasis placed on the fact that you are really running a business. You may not consider yourself a numbers guy or be […]

Real Estate Investors: Keep Reserve Funds On Hand

January 13, 2014

The thing about unexpected expenses is that they are, in fact, unexpected. They will come at the worst times and typically out of the blue. In order to brace for this scenario, you need to keep an ample supply of reserve funds on hand. This should be money that you can pull out of an […]

Viable Mortgage Options For Investors

January 10, 2014

You can spend days evaluating a property and weeks running the numbers, but unless you have financing, all you are doing is wasting time. The number of mortgage brokers and professionals has shrunk considerably over the past few years, but there are still viable options available. If you qualify for a mortgage, you will have […]

Take Decisive Actions On A Respective Property

January 8, 2014

It has been said that “he who hesitates is lost.”  This is certainly an appropriate quote for anyone investing in real estate.  There are many deals gained or lost because of the decisiveness of a particular individual.  You can spend days plotting your plan of attack on a property, only to find out that you […]

Deferred Maintenance Will Hurt Investors in the Long Run

January 6, 2014

The goal of owning any asset is to try to prolong its profitability and usefulness for as long as possible. This theory may be applied to any asset you currently own or intend to enjoy in the future. For real estate investors, the properties they acquire are their primary assets. Any rental income they are […]