December 2018

4 Factors To Consider Before Investing In A New Market

December 28, 2018

Real estate investing can be done virtually anywhere. You don’t need to be restricted to properties you can drive bye to be successful. Sure, it is much easier finding properties and building your team within your primary investing market, but there are other options available. There are many out of area, even out of state, […]

5 Ways To Keep Your House Flip From Becoming A Flop

December 21, 2018

In the world of real estate investing things often don’t go the way you plan. In fact, having a project free of any trouble is the exception rather than the norm. How you handle the unexpected often determines your success or failure. This is especially the case if you focus on flips and rehabs. As […]

5 Red Flags Real Estate Investors Should Avoid At All Costs

December 14, 2018

With many markets growing in competition you may need to shift your focus and look elsewhere. In 2018, investing outside of your primary market is as easy and abundant as ever. Technology has made researching properties and studying new markets something any investor can easily accomplish. In your due diligence search you need to know […]

Beginner’s Guide To Investing In Real Estate

December 7, 2018

Anybody can invest in real estate. If you have spent the past few years watching home flipping shows on TV wondering how you can get started the answer is simple: do it. There are no barriers of entry that can’t be met. You don’t have to pass a class or have a certain reserve requirement […]